The College of Arts and Science permits students to work as interns in the profit and non-profit sectors. Please consult The College's Intership information page! These internships provide the student with the opportunity for a work experience under supervision and can provide a valuable educational experience that would augment the regular academic program. Most internships are taken during the junior or senior year; freshmen are not permitted to carry internships.

Please note that it is college policy that you cannot get paid for an internship that you register for. The Economics Department won't award internship credit in the Fall semester for internships completed during the summer.

Internships provide a combination of academic preparation and direct work experience. The academic portion is under the supervision of a full time faculty member of the University, and this part of the internship is determined by mutual agreement between the intern and the faculty sponsor. The amount of academic credit awarded ranges from four to sixteen hours. The direct work experience portion is under the supervision of the staff where the internship takes place, and the amount of work varies from the equivalent of a full time job, such as in the full semester programs, to 10-16 hours a week in the local 4-credit internship programs.

Department Of Economics Internship

Students interested in receiving credit for experiential training should register for ECO 394, Internships.

Possible internship opportunities are:

  • ...posted on the undergraduate bulletin board outside Harkness 208
  • ...posted in the Career Center
  • ...arranged independently by entrepreneurial students

Students require a faculty sponsor to receive internship credit and may make an appointment with any of the economic professors to work with them. Please note that most professors in this department will only offer pass/fail credit for internships.

Internships cannot be used as one of the elective courses required for an economics concentration.