Ronald W. Jones

Xerox Professor of Economics

Economics Department

University of Rochester

Office: Harkness 206
Phone: (585) 275-2688
Ph.D. Massachusetts Institute of Technology, 1956
Research Interests: International Economics
Selected Papers


Biographical Sketch:

I am the Xerox Professor of Economics at the University of Rochester. My field is international economics and most of my research has been on the pure theory of international trade. Early papers have tended to concentrate on developing a set of small-scale competitive trade models in a general equilibrium context. More recently attention has shifted to trade theory in which some inputs into the production process, or primary factors such as labor, are traded or mobile in world markets. My recent book for M.I.T. Press, Globalization and the Theory of Input Trade, (2000), summarizes much of this work, including a discussion of the tendency recently in world markets for firms to outsource fragments of the production process to other parts of the globe where factor prices (especially wage rates) give a better match with input requirements. I am joint author of a textbook in the international area, World Trade and Payments, (joint with Richard E. Caves and Jeffrey A. Frankel), (Addison Wesley), now in its 9th edition.

Selected Papers:

“International Trade and Agglomeration: An Alternative Framework” (with Henryk Kierzkowski).
“Real Wages and Trade: Insights from Extreme Examples” (with Roy Ruffin).
“International Technology Transfer: Who Gains and Who Loses?” (with Roy Ruffin).
“Immigration vs. Outsourcing: Effects on Labor Markets”
“Triangles and Trade: Lionel McKenzie as a Trade Theorist”
“International Fragmentation and the New Economic Geography,” (with Henryk Kierzkowski).
“Trade and Wages: A Deeper Investigation,” (with Roy Ruffin).
“Eli Heckscher and the Holy Trinity”

“Trade Theory and Factor Intensities: An Interpretive Essay,” (2002), Review of International Economics, 10 (4), pp. 581-603. Also appearing as Ch. 1 in E. Kwan Choi and James Harrigan (eds.) (2003): Handbook of International Trade (Blackwell).

"The Technology Transfer Paradox," (with Roy Ruffin) .
"Specific Factors and Heckscher-Ohlin: An Intertemporal Blend"
"The Specific-Factors Model"
"The Aggregate Elasticity of Factor Substitution with Middle Products"
"Production Fragmentation and Outsourcing: General Concerns"
"Protection and Real Wages: The History of an Idea"
"Key International Trade Theorems and Large Shocks"
"Who is Better Able to Get Protection?"
"The Role of Services in Production and International Trade: A Theoretical Framework" (with Henryk Kierzkowski), published in The Political Economy of International Trade, edited by Ronald W. Jones and Anne O. Krueger, Basil Blackwell.



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