Srihari Govindan
Professor of Economics, University of Rochester

Contact Information

Department of Economics
University of Rochester

Harkness 223

Phone: (585) 275-7214


Curriculum Vitae

Selected Working-Papers

Existence of Equilibria in All-Pay Auctions

Existence of Equilibria in Auctions with Interdependent Values: The Symmetric, Two-Bidder Case

Existence of Equilibria in Private-Value Auctions

Axiomatic Equilibrium-Selection in Generic Two-Player Games

Axiomatic Theory of Equilibrium Selection for Games with Two Players, Perfect Information, and Generic Payoffs

Axiomatic Theory of Equilibrium Selection in Signaling Games with Generic Payoffs

Computing Equilibria of N-Person Games with Arbitrary Accuracy

Refinements of Nash Equilibria

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